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CKP filter sheets

The CKP filter sheets are used in the food sector to treat food liquids (wine and oil), the chemical industry and the pharmaceutical industry. CKP filter sheets are used for roughing, clarifying, polishing, sterilizing. The CKP filter sheets have one of the functions indicated above based on the grammage ranging from 790 g / m2 to 1400 g / m2.

Through a process of constant research, it was possible to develop the new range of CKP filter sheets, by modifying the composition, it was possible to implement the characteristics of the CKP filter sheets, improving their efficiency, yield, duration and mechanical resistance. during the entire duration of filtration. These are filter materials made up exclusively of special cellulose and cotton linters without the addition of any adjuvant: this has the great advantage of minimizing transfers, especially of metal ions and filtered liquids. All CKP filter sheets in the range meet the requirements for suitability for contact with food, according to the EC 1935/2004 and FDA regulations.

The CKP filter sheets are available in squared discs and sheets and, for both types, with or without holes. The filter sheets we produce are packaged in packs of 100 sheets.

Filter layers: CKP V0, CKP V4, CKP V8, CKP V12, CKP V14, CKP V16, CKP V18, CKP V20, CKP V24, CKP V28
(CUNO compatible: 05HT, 10HB, 30HB, 60HB, 70HB, 90HB)
(SEITZ compatible: K1500, K900, K800, K700, K300, K250, K200, K150, K100, KS80, KS50, EK, EK1, EKS)
(SCHENK compatible: D, C150, AF9000, AF6000, AF4000, AF2000, AF1600, AF1000, AFS800, AFS600, AFS400, AFS200, AFS100)
(BECO compatible: CP1K, K05, K1, K2, KD3, KD5 / UK, KD7-B7, B10-KD10, KDS12, SD30, STERIL S40-S, STERIL S60, STERIL S80, STERIL S100, STERIL SS)
(CARLSON XE compatible: W2, XE5, XE10, XE20, XE50H, XE70, XE90H, XE150, XE170H, XE200, XE265, XE280, XE375-350, XE400, XE675H, XE900, XE1200, XE1700H)
(PAPELERA compatible: SA010, SA070, SA290, SA390, SA395, SA590, SA595, SA795, SA895, SA950, SA955, SA990)
(compatible FROM CIN: DC3, DC5, DC7, DC9, DC10, DCS, DCSS)
(OMNIA compatible: DK0, DK3, DK5, DK7, DK9, DK10, SFS, SF)
(INDUSTRIAL FILTER compatible: 157, IF3-A3, IF5, IF7, IF10-A10, IF12-A12, IF15-A15, IF18, IF25-A25, IF30-A30, IF40)
(STRASSBURG compatible: K1, K3, K5, K7, K10, STERIL B, STERIL S)
(SARTORIUS compatible: C3, C5, C7, C8, C9, F4, F7, F7H, S3, S5, S7, S9)
(BEAULIEU compatible: B50, B100, B120, B150, BS 250, BS 300)
(FILTROX compatible: AF 6, AF9, AF 20, AF 30, AF 40, AF 50, AF 70, AF 100, AF 110, AF 130, AF 140)
(IMMER compatible: M1, M2, M3, M5, M7, M10, MS20, MS30, MS50, IM, IMS, IMS1)

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